Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 more paper's to go :)

hey guys :) 
anyway this week and the other week akn ta cukup tido larh kan .
normal larh student , when the examination started baru larh hardcore study kan . it same goes to me larh .
BTW , its not last minutes study oke . erm tapi if exam in 1 week left baru study cmne ???
kire last minutes larh jugak kan .
pastoe poyo kate susah larh , typical sgt da bende toe kan . 
Normally the examination its not the hardest as wht we think . 
coz i thought it goes to us , haaaa mesti ta focus ta kat class kan , datz y kate susah . hahaha 
if u are focusing on the lecture time , sure bole punye larh kan .

ayat macam larh pandai sangat kan .
anyway guys , wish me luck for the final exam . 
i just got my paper on 21th which is FRONT OFFICE and ACCOUNT paper . 
ouh god :)

and the other day on 23th the last paper which PRINCIPLE OF MANAGEMENT .

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