Wednesday, May 18, 2011


hye bloogie , just now 1:52am , still blogwalking lagy .
I just macam terlintas something kan . so lets talk and share :)
still in blooging mood . 

 In reality, there are so many types of friends in ones life. Do u feel the same way sometimes? 

1. There are friends yang kita tahu instantly, we clicked. We feel so calm inside and rase sangat dekat. Sometimes, even though baru kenal, tapi rasa macam bertahun kenal. Even though dah betahun kenal, tp mak ai, setiap kali jumpe, cerita tak pernah tak berjela jela. :) The fact that we can share almost everything and tak rasa di-judge at all. Friendship mcm ni is based on tahap keikhlasan and ketulusan seseorang tu. Friendship like this yg kite nak kekalkan sampai kita tua and sampai bila bila.

2. There are friends yang kita rasa, kita kene control and tapis before we act or say anything. Situation macam ni biasenye we are left with no choice. Certain situation or certain places we are in yang menyebabkan kite harus berkawan no matter what. These are people who sometimes can be judgmental without them realizing it. But we love being around them, just feeling ni tak dapat dielakkan and sometimes rasa macam bukan diri sendiri. This can be frustrating jgk kadangkadang kan .

3. There are friends who change along the way as we grow. Different environment causing kita untuk matang dan membesar dengan cara yang berlainan. Way of thinking , When this happen, we just need to respect each other's opinion and kalau dah tak boleh bawak, we shall continue hidup dengan cara masing2. After all, takde dasar paksaan dalam berkawan kan.

4. There are friends yang kita boleh sekadar berkawan. Bak kate orang, berkawan biar seribu, berkasih biar satu. :p Ke tak kene? hehe. There are so many different types of people in the world. Jangan sesekali expect semua orang suke kita or kita harus suka semua orang. C'mon la. Be rasional. Tp all we need to do, is respect.

5. There are friends who are only close to you for benefits. Ini sangat x dapat diterima. We can be nice to people but everything has it limits. Sekali dua takpe lagi, kadang2 bila kita sendiri dapat rasa and sampai orang lain pun boleh perasan, pedih juga hati kadang kadang kan. Friends like this, I'm not sure we should call them friends, but as far as I'm concern, all we can do is stay away. In friendship or any kind of relationships, we should always believe in 'Give and Take'. Bukan dari segi harta karun je, but also our heart. Taking advantages on people is one value that you wouldn't want in your character.

Who am I to judge other people kan. Tapi I'm a friend to my friends too even dorang just kawan biase, not to say bf la, but still we called as a friends, and i'll be try best. If I don't feel comfortable being friends with a person or sense something is not right, I rather not say anything and stay away. Bukan la kate nak sombong , btw this is just something that I thought that I could share based on my own experience and from others too. 

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