Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Red White :D

hey bloogie :) 
now entry , saje nak share picture jer ea .
this is actually the most in malaysia larh .
ade banyak lagy .
korang pun mesti tau kan .

air asia stewardess

firefly stewardess 

Malaysian airlines stewardess 

kat malaysia just ade KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT which is we called for a short KLIA , other is LOW COST CARRIER AIRPORT considered as LCCT and the SKYPARK SUBANG AIRPORT which is for firefly airport . kat skypark subang yg aku tau just pegi area utara . Langkawi erm kedah , and etc . kalau sabah sarawak pulak kat KLIA bukan LCCT . 

yang kat negare2 laen , memang belambak .
u know what i've learn about all the airport in malaysia 
tapi cube korang tanye aku . 
CONFIRM larh AKU TA TAU . haha kidding , tau cikit2 jer larh , nak overover go on , search into your google . hahaha

k guys cukup larh ea .
byee :)  

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