Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bola .

Watching the Malaysian team performance against Singapore, I think we deserve no more sympathy. Against Arsenal, we lost 0-4. Ok though, it was just a friendly. Against Liverpool, we lost 3-6. It was Ok too as it was warm up game against the real one – Singapore. Against the imported Singapore talents like Shi Jiayi, Aleksandar Duric, Qiu Li, we performed badly - losing 3-5!
Do we have to blame the defenders? OK though, football is a team game. Every player has to play a part. In the 1st half, our players started brilliantly with a surprising 1 goal lead in the 1st minute of the game. After that, we played like school boys, kicking Singapore players and conceded numerous unnecessary free kicks. You know what, Singapore with talented imports Shi Jiayi, Qiu Li, and Aleksandar Duric pounced our walls like tigers. Hey…we are the “Harimau Malaya” but sadly to say Singapore are the real “tigers” on that days. They were putting relentless pressure on Harimau Malaya. Our boys forgot how to plays footballs, doing schoolboys errors conceding free kick to opponents again and again, presenting them golden opportunities to score goals. What a shame. Harimau Malaya sank like titanic.
One thing to comment about that is that Harimau Malaya really lacked the mental toughness to deal with the game. They just take things for granted after the 1stgoal lead and sit back and defending. Harimau Malaya need to communicate more especially on field. We could see 10 of our players sitting comfortably in their own half doing defending duties but forgetting that there are long balls coming from either left or right hand side of the opponents. Harimau Malaya should instead cut the supplies of Singapore midfield and concentrate on penetrating the Singapore defence. Hey the Singapore defence are awful too! Actually Harimau Malaya need to sense the danger early and not until 2nd half pouching the Singapore defence with 2 more goals. It was too late to rescue the situation.
Ok past is past, in the return leg come in Bkt Jalil, Harimau Malaya need to put PRESSURE on the lion just like we used to say ‘Tame the lion.’ This time Harimau Malaya need to attack them right from the start, don’t give them any chance, even seconds to dictate the pace of the game. If we didn’t score in the 1st half, we might as well say goodbye. Actually it’s impossible to stop the lion from scoring too….unless again miracle happens. Fingers crossed. Malaysia Boleh!
Go malaysia :) hehe

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