Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bring back my day !

 Hye just wanna share something which from my experience before
 which is very interesting for me. I think last 2 month on my way from Sabah going back to Kuala Lumpur i has meet somebody which make me feel very comfortable with he. The way he share his problem, the way he share his experience in his life, and when its come to my turn, he ask me something that I've very being expect to answer that to his question.
He has ask me, What is most make you feel failure in your life ? 
And i straight answer without think probably, my answer is " FRIENDSHIP "
I also dont know why i came out with that answer. After that i was think i gave he a best answer because of my experience now. Before i started further my studied i've never had a big problem about my friendship. 
Sekarang i'm 20th, But i thinkg this is benda paling bodoh pernah aku lalui. Bermasam muka sebab kawan ? OMG tak masuk dek akal, seriously aku tak pernah ada kawan macam ni before this, masuk je dunia kolej its become fucking day man ! 

I got to go, i need to finish my assignment first. Lain kali aku cerita lagi okay.
Sekarang pun da pukul 12:20am i need to sleep, tomorrow i have a class early morning.
Night guys, have a good dream, make a better choice :)

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