Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stewardess with headscarf !

hey bloogie , i just want to share this article with you , which impress me :)

Why Hajj flights, MAS stewardess wearing a headscarf, but normal flight stewardess remove the lid? This is another attitude of ridicule and belittle the commandments enshrined in the Quran.

Is it just took the lid only conditions or just take the heart of passengers who will Hajj? Now it only as a lid. Continue to be exploited and dipersendakankan. So, those who disbelieve they will see and not understand the meaning of the additional cover when see the antics of this MAS stewardess, flight attendant.

So no wonder the majority of non-Muslims to understand that the lid is 'No Reserve' for Muslim women. When you see Muslim women wearing the tudung, they are considering their konsevertif, outdated and extreme Muslims. But for Muslim women they considered uncovered a modern, open-minded and practicing the true teachings of Islam. Easy to understand their purpose is Muslim women are not covered Hadahari penagamal Islam is progressive, modern, open, sophisticated and true Islam as represented by the founder of Islam Hadhari, Pak was the wife does not wear the headscarf.

It is heard through reliable sources that the company MAS is still not allowing headscarves to a flight attendant because the lid does not include flight attendant uniform. But at the same time flight attendant to bring the pilgrims must wear the headscarf. Lid only allowed after landing. Indicates that the MAS is still more to be secular and anti-Islamic.

When flights are required to respect the religion of air stewardess hood, but when the veil is forbidden for normal flight. MAS is a network company (GLC). Proper image of Malaysia as an Islamic state must show the image of Islamic, especially the stewardess.

Is, is likely to look upon the government and MAS stewardess hood will reduce the tourists to come because they fear the terrorists. Could the government or feel that wearing hijab is not a modern look and outdated. I think the problem is Pak Lah and Najib, who can answer it because we do not know menagapa pramugarai MAS Muslim veil ban.

Why MAS stewardess Misti uncovered?

I think the aircraft is the first gate to introduce tourists to Malaysia. When they look up the MAS and MAS stewardess uncovered, they will continue to understand that Malaysia is an Islamic state. In addition the aircraft did not provide alcohol, yet they understood that they would visit the country later was a devout Muslim country. When they came out of an airplane and see the situation our country is bagitu advanced, modern, peaceful and friendly people so they will admire. And they will conclude that this example of an Islamic state should be commended. But the outamatik, Malaysia and the Islamic loans become more positive in the eyes of unbelievers. Is not this a good thing for the state and religion?

In addition, headscarves can make Malaysia the girls more beautiful, graceful, and have values
​​kemelayuan high. There is no point saying that wearing the veil makes girls more ugly, even more beautiful, polite and lovely than not wearing hijab.

In conclusion, the Lead BN UMNO Malay Muslims, should be sensitive in relation to Islamic law. Let the government make the lid as the administrative expenses (such as RTM faced before this) and should be boosted with the Shari'a, especially in the concept of shame for the closure of Muslim women in Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines (MAS) as the status of the GLC, have to be more sensitive to the demands of Islam. Paramaguri MAS Muslim veil should be compulsory and it can raise the image of Islam as the official religion in Malaysia. However, prior to bid people uncovered, is more attractive if Pak Lah and Najib to ensure his own wife also wears a headscarf. Will not say who, like a crab walk to teach children right!

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