Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello Tears

Hello tears,
so we meet again.
I've brought along "Miss you" ,
you two would make great friends.

I had to say good-bye tonight,
and it never gets any easier.

He let go of my hand,
and I could feel my body going numb.
I wanted to just scream, Just 5 more minutes,
But the words wouldn't roll off my tongue.

 As if I were okay.
Knowing, I'm only going to long for him,
Every single day.

I can't sleep when he's not next to me,
when he doesn't say goodnight.
I can't close my eyes, So I'll be restless tonight.

I love him, my heart, loves him so.

I'm sorry tears,
for letting you down. .
But those walls i built,
they are no longer capable of keeping you out.

Its just I love him, My heart loves him so.

p/s : iloveyou Muhammad Safwan

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