Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby GuleGule !

Hey bloggie ! are you miss me , haha seminggu lebih aku tak update kau kan ! :) hee 
U know wht bloggie , now im trying to follow the flow of gulegule . i dono how to make it as wht gulegule need ! but im keep on trying
Erm semalam i meet gulegule . and we just talk about us , as ussual larh kan !
Da berkasih sayang sume , ceh . haha 
gulegule pon nak balek ! before gulegule going back home . someone has called him .
but i dono who is it . but u know wht , i can hear the voice of who are call gulegule
and the voice was a girl
and just make like ussual . but muke aku da masam mengalah kan cuka !
lepas gulegule abes ckp ngn someone yg called dye toe . 
GuleGule ask me " nape muke masam "
and i just keep quiet . but his keep on asking why .
and lastly aku da tak tahan , aku tanye gulegule . sape call dye ?
and he answer me ! 
u know wht Bloggie , who was called him ????
Aku pon taleh tahan ! my tears was fall .
hey please larh , kau da tade pape nape still nak cari Safwan
And you gulegule why still contact with her ! 
wht kind of acting this . 
where is your promise to me ! :'(
are you play a fool to me ?? 

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