Saturday, October 2, 2010

me n my lovely . :)

orite . this is another of my best friend . farahameira aka memey or gemok . hahaha :) dugong niey sgt2 kebudak-budakan . tapi still comel . hahah iloveu <3

oke , this is my lovely best friend . iloveu damn much syg . u selalu ade bile i susah or senang . we are share to much things . and sumpa u are the most of my gud friends dear . ingt la janji2 kite ea slme kite kwn . evethings we share toghther kan . harap our friendship unti the end . promise me please syg u will not let me alone k .. iloveu <3

the purple gurl . let me introduce my friend k . from left lala , kak miza , me n faten . haha dw niey aku syg ketat2 . smpi mati . sbb dwg sntiase ade kat sisi aku .

this is me . hehe comel kan kan . :) pasan kejap . tapi tape pasan . hehe aku na kenal kn kat kwg org yg aku syg k .. hehe ramai tw .. oke lets go :)

My raye this year is not to happy , just a normal . huhu ta balek kg raye . sgt2 ta best raye kat KL . yg ade kat KL just org2 asing membanjiri KL . huhu pape pon duit raye tetap ade . hehe walaupon da besa . :)

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